HOD Offline Registration - Santa Clara - April 14th 2013

Thank you for applying for HOD Offline in Santa Clara and for allowing HOD to potentially assist in your search. A lot of work goes into the planning and execution of these events and services. We know it can be a daunting endeavor for participants as well, because we have been there.

Due to logistical requirements not being met, our Santa Clara event has been postponed until further notice. As mentioned upon receiving your application, one of key elements of this event is providing each person with good chance to meet a potential match, and that means having a good number of attendees in addition to having an equal number of men and women. For that reason we decided to postpone the event.

However we would like to extend an invite to you for the event in Orange County which has been postponed to June 23rd . Please apply for this event using this link http://halfourdeen.polldaddy.com/s/offline-oc2013

JazakAllah Khair Wa Salamu Alaikum.

HOD Offline Team